January 2022
Monday, 19:00
The Chamber Room, Studley Village Hall,

Full Parish Council Meeting

Dear resident, you are hereby invited to attend the one hundred and seventh meeting of the Parish Council, which will be held on Monday January 10th 2022 at 7:00pm, in the Chamber Room, Studley Village Hall, to transact the business shown on the Agenda below.



1.Chairman elected by members present and to declare the meeting open

2.Acceptance of apologies for absence

3.Declarations of Interest**

4.Public Forum – to be 15 minutes duration at the Chairman’s discretion

5.To Approve the Minutes of the 106th meeting of the Parish Council held on Monday September 20th 2021

6. District & County Councillors Reports:

7. Matters Arising from previous meeting(s), not otherwise dealt with (including):

·        Update regards Neighbourhood Plan

·        Update regards Parish Councillor Vacancy - to agree re-advertising position and promotion

·        Update regards Highways issues including WCC reporting portal

·        Update regards ‘Mappleborough Woods’ proposed development

·        Update regards inadequate cycle provision along the A435 Gorcott Hill

·        Agree to appoint Ecologist


8. All other items:

·        To discuss current grass cutting service provision

·        To discuss and agree expenditure of Community Infrastructure Levy


9. To Consider Planning Applications and Enforcement Updates (incl.any other plans received after agenda distribution) and to note actions regards :

*To note comments submitted : Chapel Farm, Haye Lane

·        Five Elms, Pratts Lane : proposed alterations and extensions

·        Land Parcels 3 and 4, Birmingham Road : amendments to application

·        Haye Pasture, Haye Lane : change of use

·        Land adjacent to Eureka, Haye Lane : outline application for erection of dwelling

·        Toll House Farm, Birmingham Road : demolition of existing dwelling and stable and erection of 3 dwellings


10.To note items of Correspondence (incl.any other items received after agenda distribution)

11.Approval of Accounts

·        Approve statement

·        Consider Precept 2022-2023

·        Consider Budget 2022-2023

·        To agree training request

12.Any work around the Parish      

13.Items for Future Agenda

14.To Note Date of Next Meeting, time and place: date and venue t.b.c




                                                                                                                                       B.Howes - Parish Clerk

                                                                                                                                       3rd January 2022

Councillors are reminded of their legal duty to consider all aspects of equal opportunities, crime prevention, unlawful discrimination and other best practices when making decisions at the Meeting.

** Members are asked to declare personal or prejudicial interests in any items on the agenda.

Members are reminded that the Code of Conduct adopted by the Council on 8th January 2018 in accordance with the Localism Act 2011 provides that should they have a prejudicial interest in any matter under discussion they should withdraw from the room and not seek improperly to influence a decision about this matter.